Saturday, October 19, 2019
SGCC 2019

New Kamen Rider ZI-O scans reveal 2nd rider, Rider System

New scans of the next Rider, Kamen Rider ZI-O, have surfaced online recently, which further confirms the previous Ganbarizing advertisement. The scans show a lot of details regarding the 20th Rider of...

First Look at Kamen Rider ZI-O

The upcoming Kamen Rider series, ZI-O, has been inadvertently revealed in a Kamen Rider Buttobasoul advertisement seen in Japanese arcades. This gives us a first look at ZI-O outside of its...

Live-Action Saint Young Men to Premiere this Fall on Piccoma TV

The live-action adaptation of the popular manga series Saint Young Men is set to premiere this fall on Kakao Japan’s new Piccoma TV streaming service. The official website of the live-action...

Lincoln to exit The Walking Dead, Cohan possibly leaving too

Back in January 2018, The Walking Dead was renewed for 9th season, with the showrunner helm passed to former co-executive producer, Angela Kang. However, as the new season slowly approaches, it...

The next Kamen Rider title trademarked

Kamen Rider Build is already approaching its final arc with the appearance of its penultimate Rider villain, Kamen Rider Evol. With the series nearing its end, it's also the season for Toei...
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