Wednesday, July 24, 2019
SGCC 2019

Game dev livetweets his mom’s FFXV journey

Rami Ismail is an indie game dev with a number of games under his belt, like LUFTRAUSERS and Serious Sam: The Random Encounter to name a few. He also co-owns the...

Doomfist has finally arrived in Overwatch

Just a few days ago, a "news article" reported about Talon involvement in a major security breach in Helix Industries. The report confirms the escape of one Akande Ogandimu, also known...

The classic Xbox Controller is making a comeback

It's been around 16 years since Microsoft released its first Xbox and its iconic controller. And although the times have changed, the sense of nostalgia is an apparent trend worth cashing...

Latest Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Reveals Story and Gameplay

Just before E3 2017 kicked in, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour in Los Angeles surprised everyone with an action-packed trailer for the game's upcoming installment. The trailer shows off Sora in...

E3 2017: Microsoft Unveils Xbox One X

More than a year of teasing, Microsoft's finally finished baking its latest bun from the oven. Previously dubbed Project Scorpio (and other similar naming derivatives, it has been unveiled this E3 2017...

2017 Steam Summer Sale dates leaked

Steam isn't really that careful in keeping sale dates a secret. Owing to tradition, this year's Steam Summer Sale has apparently been leaked in the Steam subreddit. The Steam Sale will supposedly...

Absolver gets release date; previews the melee combat system

If you recall, we previewed Absolver by Sloclap Games and Devolver Digital during our RTX Sydney coverage. The test play showed us a near-polished melee action game still in its development phase. Sloclap...

Hands-on Impressions: Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda

We're one of the rare few privileged to try out the Nintendo Switch a month prior to its release. RTX Sydney showcased all of the upcoming Switch games in Nintendo's scene-stealing...

First Look: Absolver -Online Melee Action-

RTX Sydney had a number of indie developers showcasing their talents and new games to the attendees. We took a peek at the booth by Devolver Digital, known for publishing indie hits...
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