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Live-action Bleach film gets visual and first teaser trailer

The official website for the Bleach live-action film has finally released the first teaser trailer. It shows Kurosaki Ichigo moments after taking down a hollow. At the same time, the official Bleach film Twitter page...

Megalo Box Anime ‘Opening’ Theme Revealed

The official website of Megalo Box streamed the anime’s opening theme on March 28, 2018. Leo Imai performed the song Bite for the anime’s opening theme. Megalo Box will premiere on the Tokyo Broadcasting...

Arson suspect in KyoAni fire identified, motive explained

The arson suspect arrested by Prefectural Police on July 18, 2019, responsible for the harrowing tragedy at Kyoto Animation Studio's Building 1, has already been officially identified as 41-year-old Shinji Aoba. Aoba stated that he carried...

Baki the Grappler makes a Netflix comeback

Part of Netflix's continuing expansion of Japanese anime content, the streaming giant has now added Baki as part of its slate. The official website for the new Baki anime was recently made public, and has...

Tower of God and Noblesse animation in development

Seoul Comic Con was held during the weekend, from August 2-4, 2019, at the COEX Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea. In one of the panels, "The Potential of K-Webtoon IP," representatives from Naver...

These Haikyuu!! song covers will convince you to watch the anime

Talented duo 【LambSoars】, composed of that and kakerine, are well known in the NND scene as amazing singers with an impressive résumé of original songs and Vocaloid covers. They have begun transitioning to YouTube...

Fire ravages KyoAni studio after arson attack, multiple deaths confirmed

KYOTO, JAPAN. Emergency services were called to the Kyoto Animation Studio Building No. 1 at 10:30AM JST today (July 18, 2019) after the building was engulfed in a massive fire, leaving at least 36...

Netflix to Stream Shikioriori Anime Film as Flavors of Youth

Netflix announced on June 21, 2018 that it’ll stream Comic Wave Films’ and Haoliner’s anthology anime project Shikioriori. It’s international premiere is set on August 4, 2018 under the title Flavors of Youth. It...

Gundam Fans will Battle to Decide the Ultimate Gundam!

A voting poll that began on March 2, 2018 is currently being held in Japan to decide the best among all the Gundam series released in the span of 40 years. The voting selection...

“Waka Okami wa Shōgakusei!” TV anime announced!

Popular children's book "The Young Innkeeper is a Grade Schooler!" is getting an anime adaptation, premiering this April 8, 2018 on TV Tokyo and five other local channels. The cast includes: Seiran Kobayashi as the protagonist,...
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