Avex Technologies, publishers of AniCast Maker, the VR anime creation tool that lets anybody  make short anime in VR, announced today the “Make Anime With Jane and Win” contest,  where 20 randomly selected entrants will receive a 50$ Amazon Gift Card. 

Make a Video with Our Original Character, “Jane”, and win!  

20 randomly selected users who make a video in AniCast Maker using Jane and upload it to  twitter will win a 50$ Amazon Gift card. If you haven’t tried AniCast Maker yet, now’s the  perfect time to start! 

Contest Name:  Make Anime With Jane

Duration: 5/21 to 6/13 (23:59 PST) 

See the official campaign page for details on how to enter:

About Jane 

Jane is Avex Technologies’ original character. The name Jane means “nameless” in English, and we hope that this character can be a blank slate for everyone to express their creativity with.  We hope that through this contest, you’ll take Jane from being a nameless girl to one with a  personality all her own.

About AniCast Maker  

AniCast Maker is the simple and easy way for anybody to make their very own videos in VR. Be the actor, be the cameraman, place props and backgrounds, whatever you need to bring your creative dream to life.  

The tool comes with tons of backgrounds, props, and character motions for you to jump right  in and make all kinds of animations. You can even upload your videos to social media to get  an instant reaction from your audience.

AniCast Maker is available via the Oculus Store at https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3895994960415614/ for US$ 29.99. Visit the AniCast Maker official website at https://anicast-maker.com/.

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