Netflix Japan officially debuts vtuber N-Ko!


April 27, 2021 marks the official debut of Netflix’s vtuber and anime ambassador, N-Ko Mei Kurono.

N-Ko made her introduction in the Netflix Anime official YouTube channel today as Netflix’s Anime Club manager and anime brand ambassador. N-Ko (read as “Enuko”) is a “human-sheep lifeform” hailing from California. She’s fluent in both English and Japanese, is 162cm tall, and is 24 years of age.

Behind the scenes, N-Ko is voiced and operated by a real-life Netflix employee to ensure accurate news and provide in-depth look at Netflix’s anime repertoire. N-Ko’s character illustrator is Fubuki, while the 3D model creator is Tsumidango.

Netflix has also announced her regularly scheduled livestreams, dubbed “The N-Ko Show” happening every Friday, starting this April 30, 2021 at 10:00AM JST.

In addition to The N-Ko Show, the Netflix vtuber will also have a video segment called “N-Ko’s Recommended Anime” that lists her recommended anime to watch, showcase studio staff and voice actors, and provide a glimpse into the life of anime production. The first episode of “N-Ko’s Recommended Anime” will air on YouTube this May 1st, 10:00AM.

N-Ko’s official hashtags are #N_ko and #N_ko_art