Chinese news sources have reported that a man was arrested on Monday following a failed attempt to murder miHoYo founders after trespassing in the miHoYo Shanghai office.

According to reports, the man entered the miHoYo HQ in Shanghai, bringing with him a concealed knife. The suspect allegedly had plans to kill the two co-founders of the game studio, and then himself. The man never made it far into the building, and was immediately arrested by local police. No one was thankfully harmed during the entire incident.

Per investigation, the suspect was expressing his outrage over a recent update to one of miHoYo’s mobile games, Honkai Impact 3rd. The said update contained a bunny costume and new dance moves, both of which were only released to markets outside China. Despite that, the backlash from Chinese fans was severe, which prompted miHoYo to complete remove the update outright and gave compensation to all players in exchange.

Sadly, this is not the first time that fans went to the extremes to express their frustration over a company. In 2019, an arsonist burned Kyoto Animation’s office, killing more than 30 employees, out of a grudge against the company for allegedly plagiarizing his work. The suspect has been charged with life imprisonment in 2020. The KyoAni incident was recorded to be the 2nd worst arson case ever in Japan, following the Myojo 56 building fire in 2001.


Top Image: Mihoyo HQ facade via Twitter