Bandai unveils wearable Tamagotchi Smart


In celebration of the Tamagotchi franchise’s 25th anniversary, Bandai has unveiled the latest addition to the series, Tamagotchi Smart.

Bandai has also picked one of the fastest rising Japanese girl groups, NiziU, to be the product endorsers, and has begun launching their advertising campaigns.

Smart is a watch-type wearable with features new to raising Tamagotchi. Voice-activated commands allow the user to interact with the Tamagotchi. The watch also features a LCD touchscreen to stroke or pat the heads of the virtual pets. Tamagotchi pets can also visit the homes of fellow Tamagotchi when another Smart is in range (possibly through NFC). Other functions include a pedometer, and a digital watch. The watch is equipped with a Lithium-ion polymer battery that is reported to last for 30 hours before requiring a full charge of 1 hour. Each Tamagotchi Smart package includes the watch itself and a USB charging cable.

A separate accessory, called the Tama SmaCard, will be sold separately, and can be connected to the Tamagotchi Smart via a USB-A connection on its side. The SmaCard can then upload additional items and/or pets to the device.

Tamagotchi Smart will be released on November 23, 2021, in two colors: Mint Blue and Coral Pink. The wearable will retail for JPY 6,350. A limited 25th anniversary edition White version will be sold as lottery via P-Bandai for a premium price of JPY 7,480.

Tama SmaCards will also be released on the same date, with two variants in retail and one limited edition via the P-Bandai shop as well. Sweets Friends and Rainbow Friends will be sold at JPY 1,100 each, while the 1996 Friends will come bundled with the White version.