E3 2021: Microsoft drops massive details on Halo Infinite | Multiplayer


The Xbox/Bethesda showcase won’t be complete without Halo Infinite news, and Microsoft definitely delivered with new details on the game’s multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite and the multiplayer mode are both still slated for a Holiday 2021 window for Xbox consoles and PC, but a definite release date has yet to be announced still. But that didn’t stop 343 Industries from drilling the point that the Infinite’s multiplayer will be free-to-play with microtransactions.

That being said, the microtransactions won’t be loot box/gacha-based. Everything in the cash shop are purely cosmetic in nature, and will have no undue advantage over other players in gameplay. 343 was also keen on emphasizing that the cosmetic items can also be earned via gameplay, challenges and/or in-game events as well, giving even the non-spenders the chance to personalize their characters. Cosmetic items are also changed according to the motif of each “season” of new content. The cosmetics will be sold via the Armor Hall, and contains the most customization options ever in a Halo game. Even the “Personal AI” can be unlocked and changed.

Multiplayer modes are divided into the classic 4×4 Arena, and the Big Team Battles of 12×12. BTBs will have bigger maps, and more vehicles littered around. Even Pelicans will pop in and out of the area to drop these vehicles, and weapon supplies from time to time. Rankings and Social playlists will also be included in the multiplayer. Seasonal events will also be periodically active for a limited time. Matchmaking in these modes will also be skill-based, which we hope to see in execution in the next few beta tests.

343 Industries is also easing in the new players to the Halo franchise. A robust tutorial system called “The Academy” will be instituted in the game for those still unfamiliar with the game. The Academy won’t be a run-of-the-mill tutorial. Instead, it will also offer a training mode where players can skirmish against AI-controlled bots in various skill levels. These bots can also be configured in a custom game or can be used to substitute missing fireteam members.

Both the main game and the multiplayer will also retain most of the classic Halo equipment and vehicles. But 343 also stated that new weapons will also be added, like the Threat Sensor that periodically pulses enemy locations, and the Grappleshot that allows the player vertical maneuverability. Future seasons will also drop more of these new equipment.

343 is keen to admit that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is a live service game, which allows them to provide updates and improvements as time passes. 343 will begin beta testing the multiplayer starting Summer 2021. A select few players will be able to try the game early on, and will be selected via the Halo Insider program.