E3 2021: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is another re-release of the first six FF games


During their E3 2021 show, Square Enix made another surprise announcement. The original six Final Fantasy games are getting a pixel remaster in one package.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster announcement didn’t give too much information about what to expect from the bundle outside of the improved graphics and a higher resolution. The original games will be keeping their 2D gameplay but with enhanced pixel graphics instead. Mind you that the first six games have already been individually repackaged and re-released on PC and mobile in different occasions, and most of these are still available for purchase.

This bundle of remastered games was announced to be releasing for Steam and mobile devices this year. Console release was not included.

Square Enix will most likely release more information about the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection at a later date. No provided release date has been set.