Netflix’s Dragon’s Dogma anime drops a fresh new trailer


The Netflix adaptation of Capcom’s hit action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, finally has a teaser trailer (above) released ahead of its premiere next month.

If the trailer feels overly familiar, it’s because the series does lift the story straight from the game. This time, however, we get an identity to the “Arisen” and the “Pawn,” now named Ethan and Hannah respectively. The premise, setting, and even the monsters are all taken from the game itself.

Shinya Sugai will be at the directorial helm, while Taiki Sakurai over at Netflix will be the executive producer, together Capcom’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Takashi Kitahara over at Capcom as co-producers. Written by Kurasumi Sunayama and character design by Iku Nishimura, the 2D/3DCG anime will be produced by Sublimation.

News of a Dragon’s Dogma anime began circulating in March 2019 after Netflix made the initial announcement. Initial key visuals and screenshots of the anime in development made the rounds more than a year later on July 2020.

Dragon’s Dogma will premiere worldwide on September 17, 2020 via Netflix.

Series overview from Netflix:


Dragon’s Dogma, the global hit open-world action game, was released by Capcom in 2012 and has sold five million copies around the world (as of March 31, 2020). After being brought back to life as the “Arisen,” one man must battle monsters representing the seven deadly sins as he seeks revenge on the dragon that stole his heart. This epic action-adventure story is reborn as an animated series!

This series is produced by Sublimation, a company that specializes in CG animation and has received consistently high praise for their released projects. In 2019, Netflix and Sublimation entered an overarching partnership to produce anime series. Ready to take the world by storm, Dragon’s Dogma represents an incredible fusion of 2D animation and Sublimation’s amazing CG technology!


After more than 100 years, the dragon suddenly appeared and consumed the village.

Ethan confronts the dragon to protect his beloved family, but his heart was taken by the dragon. Ethan, who seemed to have died, revives as the “Arisen” and embarks on a journey to regain his heart with Hannah, the Pawn who suddenly appeared in front of Ethan.

While continuing the journey, Ethan will battle with monsters that embody the seven deadly sins, but each time he defeats the monster, he himself will also gradually lose his humanity…