WB Games Montreal unveils Gotham Knights game trailer and demo


The DC Fandome weekend had a lot of surprise announcements in store for comicbook and gaming fans. One of the games unveiled during the weekend confirmed the rumor of WB Games Montreal developing another Batman game.

Called Gotham Knights, the game focuses on the Bat-family heroes in a city without Batman. In the spotlight are long-time Batman sidekicks, Nightwing, Robin (presumably Tim Drake), and Red Hood, with Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), protecting Gotham against a slew of Batman’s rogues gallery.

The trailer and pre-alpha gameplay shows a bit of Batman Arkham series gameplay with RPG and cooperative elements on it. It’s also possible that costume changes are included in the game after showcasing Tim Drake wearing his Red Robin suit in the demo. The trailer also confirms The Court of Owls as the main antagonists of the game.

It was also recently confirmed in DC Fandome that Gotham Knights is not in the same continuity as the “Arkhamverse”, despite the disappearance of Bruce Wayne in this new game as well. Instead, the Suicide Squad game, under development by Rocksteady, is.

Gotham Knights is slated for 2021 for the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One family of devices, and PC.