Today (8/19) is Haikyuu!! day. And with the hashtag #ハイキューの日 and #HaikyuuDay trending on Twitter, a number of fanarts, videos, and other greetings have flooded social media in celebration of the anime.

Also celebrating the occasion is J-rock band, Burnout Syndromes, who recently posted to Twitter a short but impressive (and physically distanced) cover of SPYAIR’s Imagination:

Burnout Syndromes is a 3-man unit composed of Kazuumi Kumagai on guitars and vocals, Taiyu Ishikawa on bass, and Takuya Hirose on drums. Their songs, particularly FLY HIGH, Hikariare, and Phoenix, have been featured as the opening songs for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons of Haikyuu!! respectively.

Imagination was Haikyuu’s first opening song, released as a single by SPYAIR in 2014, and was subsequently included in the BEST album. SPYAIR’s “I’m a Believer” was also featured as the opening song for the first half of the anime’s second season, while their latest single, “ONE DAY” will serve as the ending song for the 4th season’s second half, premiering on October 2, 2020.