Light Yagami’s infamous watch, which contains the hidden Death Note paper compartment, is now a real item brought to life thanks to SuperGroupies.

The watch is an exact replica of the same item worn by Light Yagami in key moments of the anime and manga. It features the same black-colored faceplate and a silver body with brushed elements on the metal strap. The back panel features an engraving of the Death Note logo and a silhouette of Ryuk. True to nature, the hidden compartment can house a small piece of paper in case you want to re-enact the tense scenes of getting shot by Matsuda in Kira’s last ditch effort before his death.

The Death Note watch will gouge your wallet for a hefty sum of 32,780 Yen (roughly USD 306). But it’s a small price to pay for being a stylish wannabe Kira, don’t you think?

Preorders are open now until August 11, 2020 at the SuperGroupies website, with a target release date of January 2021.