In Japan, Coca-Cola vending machines and some convenience stores sell the Georgia brand of canned coffee, one of the more well-known coffee brands in the country aside from Suntory’s Boss Coffee.

The latter half of 2019 marked the collaboration between Georgia Coffee and Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th anniversary project. This resulted in a commemmorative edition of Georgia’s Emerald Mountain Blend canned coffee featuring the mobile suit art seen in the Battle of Solomon, and from the Battle at A Baoa Qu. Another collaboration work featured the Universal Century characters -Char Aznable, Amuro Ray, and Lalah Sune- in a limited edition coffee called Georgia Newtype Coffee. Our Christmas 2019 trip back to Tokyo had us the opportunity to purchase a can of the aforementioned coffee and took it back home.

Jump to today, seven months after the purchase, and we took the Georgia Newtype coffee chilling in the fridge out for a taste test. Note that since this was bought last December 2019, the coffee was nearing its expiration.

The can is relatively small. At only 100 grams, it’s just enough for a small cup of coffee. While one side features Char Aznable, Lalah Sune is featured on the other face of the can.

Pouring the contents onto a mug, the coffee barely got halfway through. The consistency was a bit thick, and looked more like a chocolate drink than coffee at first glance. I was expecting the coffee to be expired by now, but refridgeration saved the day! Having been stored in a cold place, the Newtype coffee had no unusual acidic taste or smell that’s usually common with canned coffee past its shelf life.

Surprisingly, the scent that the drink gave off had a strong smoky aroma to it. I surmised that this wasn’t just pure coffee. Rather, it was more of a mocha blend, but with no sugar. Upon tasting, it had the signature Georgia-style bitter, strong coffee masked by the presence of dark chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate was very minimal, and the drink emphasized more on the strong mocha kick it gave off.

Personally, the serving size was quite lacking, since my coffee intake is usually two mugs a day. But this is vending machine canned coffee worth 100 to 150 Yen. At best, this is just enough of a shot to kickstart the day.

But is this the coffee Newtypes drink?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Judging by Char Aznable’s journey throughout the Universal Century timeline, he might go for the usual espresso shot. Perhaps Amuro might prefer a sweeter kick with a latte? Or they’re both drinking instant coffee, since… they’re usually holed up in a space ship anyway with limited stocks.

The Georgia Newtype Coffee collaboration began on August 2019 in celebration of Mobile Suit Gundam’s 40th Anniversary.