The World Ends With You anime adaptation teaser, cast and staff unveiled


As previously reported in our official Instagram page, one of Square Enix’s popular game franchises, The World Ends With You, is getting its own anime adaptation.

The first teaser trailer, seen above, was recently unveiled in Anime Expo 2020, along with the cast and staff involved. The anime will air in 2021, though no exact date and platform (whether TV or streaming service) has been set.

During the panel, Director Ichikawa Kazuya revealed that there will be slight changes from the original game in order to fully adapt TWEWY into its anime format. Further, the anime will instead depict a more current Shibuya rather than the 2007 version, which includes the use of smartphones rather than feature-rich flip phones as the primary means of communication.

Produced by DOMERICA and Shin-Ei Animation, Ichikawa Kazuya (of Monster Strike! the Animation) will be at the directorial helm, while Gotou Midori (Genshiken) of Sanzigen will handle the scripts. Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi are credited for the character designs.

Kouki Uchiyama, the original seiyuu for the protagonist Neku, will be returning to lend his voice for the anime. Other confirmed cast include:

  • Anna Hachihime – Shiki
  • Subaru Kimura – Beat
  • Ayana Taketatsu – Rhyme
  • Ryohei Kimura – Joshua