The suspect from the Kyoto Animation arson case has now been arrested by police, nearly a year after the horrendous incident.

The 42-year-old Shinji Aoba (pictured above) was arrested from the hospital where he spent his time recuperating under strict police observation. He was lifted off on stretcher by police and taken into custody. According to police, Aoba was unable to walk due to the severe injuries he also received during the arson incident. The delay in his arrest was due to his treatment taking longer than anticipated, and the unexpected pandemic crisis.

The police also stated that Aoba has admitted to the arson allegations, but has not expressed remorse or guilt. Aoba chose gasoline as the fire accelerant to kill as many people as possible, per the investigators of the case.

Kyoto Animation released this statement regarding the arrest:

“There is nothing more to say. The victims will never return, nor their injuries will heal regardless of possible excuses or regrets from the suspect.”

The arson attack has left 36 people dead and 33 injured, all of whom worked at Kyoto Animation, including the director for Lucky Star, the art director for Violet Evergarden, and character designer for Free!. During the arson attack, Aoba accused KyoAni of stealing his works, primarily his 2 submitted novels that failed the studio’s screening process.