Jujutsu Kaisen anime cast and staff detailed in PV


The anime adaptation of Akutaro Gege’s Jujutsu Kaisen now has a promotional video uploaded to its official website and TOHO Animation’s YouTube channel ahead of its October 2020 premiere.

Park Sunghoo, director of the anime adaptation of The God of High School webtoon, will also be at the directorial helm for this series in Studio MAPPA. The rest of the staff is composed of the following:

  • Script supervision: Seko Hiroshi (Banana Fish, Attack on Titan, Ajin)
  • Character design: Hiramatsu Tadashi (KareKano, Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, Parasyte: The MAXIM, Re: Cutie Honey)
  • Music Composition: Tsutsumi Hiroaki (Ahiru no Sora, Dr. Stone, Meganebu!), Terui Yoshimasa (Hi-Score Girl), Okehazama Arisa (The God of High School)

The seiyuu lending their voices to the production are:

  • Suwabe Junichi as Ryoumen Sukuna “The King of Curses”
  • Enoki Junya as Itadori Yuuji
  • Uchida Yuuma as Fushiguro Megumi
  • Seto Asami as Kugisaki Nobara
  • Nakamura Yuichi as Gojou Satoru

Jujutsu Kaisen was serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump on March 2018, and is still ongoing. The 11th volume of its tankobon format will be published by Shueisha on June 2020.

The manga tells the story of Yuuji, an athletic high school student who joined his school’s occult club to avoid the track team due to his aversion to athletic activities. The occult club members unseal a talisman Yuuji made contact with, which contained a rotting finger that attracted curses to the school. Unable to defend his friends from the curses, Yuuji swallows the finger and becomes the host of Ryoumen Sukuna, The King of Curses. Despite being possessed by Sukuna, Yuuji maintains full control of his body.