Trials of Mana is the english title of the 1995 Super Famicom game titled Seiken Densetsu 3, the third installment of the classic Mana series. Due to popular demand, Square Enix,and Xeen developed, and published the Trials of Mana remake on April 24, 2020. On that same note, your friendly black and white breakfast bear Pandasal, is here to write you his first impressions.

First Look

Since this is a first impressions review, we won’t be diving into the story just yet, and focus on some of the icings on top of the cake, with a full in-depth review to follow once we finish playing the game.  Let’s start off with the game’s visuals. The Trials of Mana remake offers modern 3D graphics to a classic title. What welcomed me upon entering the game is a stunning artwork of vibrant colors, cute enemy designs, and simple yet beautiful sceneries. It’s anime-ish take on the game gives the nostalgia of playing a story-driven JRPG, while still satiating the demands for better visuals. As someone completely new to the Mana series, and quite a fan of 3D action RPG games, this game had me completely in love with the artwork.

First Play

Even though it’s love at first sight for the game’s graphics, Trials of Mana’s gameplay as a JRPG doesn’t fall short. It’s real time battle system combined with a smooth port over keyboard controls on the PC makes the game exhilirating to play with. Coupled with its new ‘Ability System’, over its Class system can make your adventure a bit more versatile. The new ability system in the remake gives you the option of distributing training points over five attributes namely: Strength, Stamina, Luck, Spirit, and Intelligence. Each attribute has accompanying abilities that can either be Chain, Class, Moves, or Passives. Each ability is equippable for each character, tailorfiting your character’s build to match your playstyle. The game’s class change feature also gets a modern transformation with the ability to change costumes at will, and an additional 4th class tucked in at the end of the game. I am excited to reach that myself.

First Impressions

From the demo to the actual game, Trials of Mana is one of those remakes that may have successfully integrated itself into modern gaming. For fans of the series, it’ll be a unique, yet nostalgic experience diving into the Mana series after a long time. And for those like me, who are venturing out into the world of Mana for the first time, it’s going to be quite a fun ride. I can’t wait to see what else the game has to offer hidden away in its mysteries.

And once I’m done with my journey, I’ll be sure to share it with all of you.

“This is your friendly black and white breakfast bear, Pandasal. And you just got Otakultured.”