EXCLUSIVE: Greg Capullo shares future plans on The Creech


During the Singapore Comic Con Media Preview held in Singapore on December 5, 2019, comicbook icon Greg Capullo was not one to shy away from updating us about his creator-owned comic, The Creech, when we asked asked about his future plans for the series.

“Honestly, I had the third part almost all written before I came on The Batman. I’ve always had another chapter in my mind, but then Batman… I’ve been in Batman for like 11 years or something like that now… so it got sidetracked for a very long time.”

Although he has no concrete plans on when the latest chapter of The Creech will hit shelves, Capullo himself assured us that the next run will be a collaboration with his long-time Batman writer, Scott Snyder. 

“I’ve talked about it with Scott, and Scott said he’d help me with that third arc. Because I figured I know exactly what I wanna say, but why not use my buddy, who’s a pretty good writer, right? To make sure that [The Creech] is the best it can possibly be. I definitely have plans to finish to finish The Creech, yeah!”

Capullo stated that The Creech came to him in a dream, saying that the word “creech” was in that dream and could not get his mind off it since. He then wrote a story around the name “creech,” to which the origins of the name was properly given an explanation in the first issue of The Creech, being an unfinished word “creature” spoken out moments after Dr. Pashu Battu was shot in the head.

The Creech is Greg Capullo’s creator-owned comic, which had a three-issue run in Image Comics, published in 1997. It had a follow-up three-issue arc called “The Creech: Out for Blood” in 2001, which expanded the lore and universe of The Creech beyond its origins. The Creech also appeared in 1998 as part of The Spawn line of McFarlane figures.

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