SGCC 2019 Featured Spotlight: Jin (behindinfinity) – The cosplayer with a thousand faces


Part of the long list of amazing guests coming to this year’s Singapore Comic Con is hailed as one of the best cosplayers of this generation, Jin (behindinfinity), with a robust portfolio of amazing cosplays, such as Link from Breath of the Wild, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV, and Rain from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius to name a few.

Jin (behindinfinity)’s foray into cosplay began after first witnessing a Final Fantasy-themed cosplay. Out of curiosity, she then decided to try her hand at creating costumes for herself. Her history in cosplay goes way back when anime conventions were just beginning to gain traction in the Philippines, as far as we can recall.

Our earliest recollection of Jin (behindinfinity)’s cosplays were in 2012, with the Kenshin Himura cosplay in celebration of the Rurouni Kenshin live-action film, and the Narukami Yu cosplay from Persona 4. But we do think there are other cosplays before that too. 

Most, if not all, of Jin (behindinfinity)’s cosplay creations are hand-crafted, utilizing a vast array of resources and materials. And these journeys of bringing fictional characters to life are often documented on her Facebook and Instagram pages, offering followers and cosplay enthusiasts a simple step-by-step process on the creation of each piece of the ensemble. Although she admits that the pursuit of cosplay is an expensive one, she is able to cut down costs by recycling cheap materials and converting it to amazing set pieces. And for her, it’s not just a journey of creation, but also a learning experience, constantly discovering ways on how to improve her cosplays as she keeps on crafting.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of her cosplay is how Jin (behindinfinity) is able to replicate the facial features of a character in an uncanny way. A combination of impressive make-up, wig setup, and genuine confidence gives her the ability to convince everyone that she embodies the characters she cosplays to heart. There’s also this certain level of purity to her approach to cosplay, with the tenet that the hobby is mainly for fun above all else, that makes her stand out of the crowd.

“No matter how much attention cosplay attracts, no matter how many perks you can potentially get, I hope we can maintain the spirit that cosplay is mainly for fun and that we should do things that makes us happy”

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