“It’s all about giving back to the players”

Situated at the center of ESGS 2019 is one of the largest and most interactive mobile game booths, MU ORIGIN 2.

This mobile game incarnation of the classic MMORPG, Mu Online, is produced by Ourpalm and released by Gamenow. MU Origin 2 makes its surprise debut in the Philippines with a massive booth spectacle that could be considered its own mini-event. Players, fans, and interested attendees alike are treated into a handful of interactive experiences including mini-games, a free play area of Mu Origin 2, and a freedom wall to name a few. Even the mini stage up front has contests and talent performances to entertain the audience. The mini-game and contest winners are treated to different prizes, such as loot bags, One Punch Man and MU Origin 2 merchandise, shirts, and large body pillows.

Moreover, the huge booth is meticulously modeled in the likeness of the MU’s pub/lobby area, including a cosplayer in the exact likeness of the Lady Boss tending to the bar.

With tons of things to do in one booth alone, and a solid fanbase, Mu Origin 2’s area became one of the most visited areas of ESGS 2019’s second day.

If you’re interested in the game or a new fan in search of a new mobile game to play with, drop by the MU Origin 2 booth (booth C6) on the last day of ESGS 2019!

Download the game here:

Google Play Store | Apple/iOS App Store

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MUORIGIN2SEA/
Official Website: https://mu2sea.com/


Original Press Release follows

Produced by Ourpalm and released by Gamenow, MU ORIGIN 2 made its debut at ESGS yesterday. The booth design from the scene is easy to notice, which is the most classic and most iconic pub scene in MU. In addition to the retro design and furnishings, there is also the Cosplayer of the Lady Boss, giving you the unique immersive experience.

As one of the few mobile game exhibitors, MU ORIGIN 2 has brought enough sincerity to Manila, not only giveaway the wide variety of valuable gift giveaway, but also invited famous groups and anchors to come and cheer for us.

The booth was surrounded by enthusiastic players, who also participate in game sessions that designed by the Organizer and take photos together.

In addition to MU2, we also surprised to discover the appearance of the famous Japanese anime IP One Punch Man mobile game, which is another highlight of this exhibition. This is another fabulous mobile games developed and released by Ourpalm. It is expected to meet Southeast Asian card game players and One Punch Man anime lovers in 2020.

As the deadline of this published post, it’s the last day of exhibition. It is not too late to participate. MU ORIGIN 2 and One Punch Man are waiting for you at ESGS Booth C6!
Exhibition Address: SMX Convention center pasay city, philippines
Exhibition Location: MU2 – Booth C6