Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE anime series details and airdate announced


Sunrise has recently unveiled all the details about the latest entry in the Gundam Build universe, entitled Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, a new anime series that serves both as a standalone series and sequel to Gundam Build Divers.

Re:RISE is set two years after the events of the Gundam Build Divers series. The anime now features a new and improved Gunpla Battle Nexus (GBN) Online, and new Divers with their own stories to follow. Led by Hiroto Kuga, a diver who acts like a mercenary, he meets other solo-playing divers along the way: Kazami, Mei, Parvise, and Freddy. Together, the five Divers band as a team brought about by the many events of the series.

Some of the custom Gunpla have also been unveiled, all of which will have their own respective HG model kits soon. Hiroto pilots the dimunitive Core Gundam, with the RX-78-2 Gundam as its base. The Core Gundam combines with armaments to form different Gundam variants like the VeeTwo, Earthree, and Marsfour.

Other mobile suits include Wodom Pod (based from the Wadom seen in Turn A Gundam), Gundam Justice Knight, the Valkylander mode of the Gundragon, and Gundam Seltsam.

Shinya Watada, the director of Gundam Build Divers, makes his return for Re:RISE at the helm. Yasuyuki Yuto from Mobile Suit Gundam UC will take over scriptwriting, while Log Horizon’s Kazuhiro Hara takes over the character designs.

The anime is set to air on October 2019 globally, simulcast over at and other affiliated video/streaming website. Consequently, Sunrise has also launched GUNDAM Channel on YouTube.