Mandatory Credit: Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Variety/Shutterstock (10341985ar) Natalie Portman Marvel Studios panel, Comic-Con International, San Diego, USA - 20 Jul 2019

During the Marvel Studios’ panel at SDCC, the full Phase 4 slate was slowly unveiled to a massively excited audience.

With Taika Waititi (confirmed to return as director) taking the stage in Hall H for the Thor: Love and Thunder part of the panel, he went on by introducing the cast for the fourth installment of the Thunder God’s MCU story. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are confirmed to reprise their roles as Thor Odinson and Valkyrie respectively. But the biggest surprise came from the return of the MCU alum, Natalie Portman, to reprise her role as Jane Foster!

But the surprise didn’t stop there. Taika Waititi wistfully handed Portman the Mjolnir, to which she lifted with a big smile, confirming that Jane Foster will be inheriting the role of Thor as the new Goddess of Thunder!

The concept of Jane Foster as Thor has been seen in the comics fairly recently, in Jason Aaron’s run of The Mighty Thor from 2015-2018, after the events of Original Sin storyline. With Thor Odinson deemed as unworthy to yield Mjolnir, someone else picks up the hammer and inherits the title of Thor, much to the disgust of the Asgardians. It was only on issue #8 that Jason Aaron finally revealed that Jane Foster, now terminally-ill with cancer, was the new Thor. The run ended with Jane Foster sacrificing Mjolnir in a bid to defeat Mangog, The Hatred Who Walks.

Marvel Comics gave prominence to Jane Foster once again after War of the Realms arc, making her the new Valkyrie.