Filipino-made game Grand Guilds gets fully funded in two days


Grand Guilds, a card based, tactical RPG, is a game under development by Philippine-based indie dev Drix Studios, and to be published by Keybol Games.

Drix Studios posted a Kickstarter campaign on April 11, 2019 with a simple goal of achieving US$12,000.00 in 30 days. With amazing support from the community, the game has been fully funded in a matter of 2 days. As of this posting, the funding has nearly reached 200% of its goal.

The game utilizes a card-based system for the characters’ actions, while combat is turn-based on a tactical grid similar to iconic games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre, and Fire Emblem. The game promises an immersive storyline and expansive deck-building system to suit your combat strategies.

A playable demo is available for everyone, but do take note that this is not reflective of the final product.

Show your support for Grand Guilds on their final 2 weeks on Kickstarter.

Grand Guilds will be released for the PC and Nintendo Switch, with the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions on later dates.