By CrowKuchiki

Rev Major 2018 wouldn’t be a major tournament here in the Philippines without big names from the South East Asia Region and International players competing. CGP|Alden, FChamp, and Indonesia’s AG|DivisionRing talk about their performance, their next steps in pursuing more championships, and the process of becoming the champs they’ve now become.

After beating MicPerez, CGP|Alden had to adjust after being beaten by the same guy during Winners Finals. The loss was simply brushed off, but it can be noted that the tactics of both players were similar, with MicPerez gaining the advantage due to a much better landing on the pressure and button presses during quick transitions of the neutral. He quipped, “me putting up in the loser’s bracket made me heated up and got me in the groove”. CGP|Alden is moving forward with more tournament participations, not only locally but also internationally for the DragonBall FighterZ 5-Star DragonBall tournament in the Southeast Asia Majors 2018. His protip for aspiring champs? “Just keep playing. Even if you lose, just keep playing. You can get a win, it will happen one [sic], and it’s not wrong to be strong”.

Despite his loss to PBE|James, FChamp is still glad to be back in his home country, caring more about the promotion of the Filipino gaming community. Results aside, he knows that events like REV Major is a win for the whole community. FChamp also has choice words for all players, “…the key to success in gaming, to be honest, is to never give up. You’re gonna be losing… you’re gonna be winning. But as long as you don’t give up on your dreams, you’re gonna succeed one way or the other. So in my opinion,  if you really like gaming, if you really have a passion for it, just don’t give up! Keep going, keep grinding. Eventually, all your hard work is gonna pay off, and I’m a testament to that. I didn’t start winning, I was losing so many times. I lost like a hundred straight games to Ricky Ortiz until I got good. Anybody can do better than that. To me, I just want to promote Philippines in general in the gaming world, and I feel like I accomplished that today”.

AG|DivisionRing took the winner’s spot for the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, and BlazBlue: Central Fiction mini tournament. He was actually elated at the fact that he almost lost to fan-favorite CGP|Alden in both games. Adding to the elation was recalling his experience being at the losing side from the same opponent way back in the Southeast Asia Majors (SEAM) and Abuget Cup. For now, AG|DivisionRing is looking forward to this year’s SEAM, a possible entry in Evolution Japan 2019, and other Malaysian competitions for fun and community interaction. And his choice words for other players? “I was already pretty good back home, but most of the matches aren’t free here… almost losing to most of my matches. And for me to be this good is to get out of the country compete, travel more.”

REV Major Philippines served as an attractive and impressive platform for aspiring champions to test their mettle, knowledge and strength in the games they compete in. In the pursuit of greater challenges and passion for the games they play, even champions like CGP|Alden, FChamp, and AG|DivisionRing continue to compete in local events, and not just rely on the experience from the international stage.