Singapore, 5 September 2018 -​  The Singapore Toy and Gaming Comic Convention (STGCC) is one of the biggest celebrations of entertainment fandom – and we believe it’s worth celebrating. This year, fans will be treated to ​Fan-Tastic Zone, ​a wholly fan-run space that will feature workshops, cosplay collections and displays of unique merchandise.

STGCC would not be anything without the support of its fans-which is why the convention is boosting fan-curated spaces representing a plethora of fandoms.

Celebrating Fans – The Backbone of A Convention

Immersive and interactive, the ​Fan-Tastic Zone is created by superfans of acclaimed​        franchises, shows and characters for superfans and will show showcase fan-art, merchandise and cosplay.

Visitors looking to trade or source rare sketchcards will revel in the ​Sketchcards Meet & Trade​ and ​Scavenger Events ​organised by​ ​the ​Singapore Comics Community, ​which will showcase its extensive collection of vintage comics — all of which are easily worth a small fortune. The community will also be hosting sketchcard workshops, conducted by prominent artists in the comic community.

FightSaber Singapore​ ​will host a lightsaber building workshop for kids and adults alike, while the ​Mandalorian Mercenaries Costume Club will be making their debut at STGCC.​ Other cosplaying communes include characters from TokuCos Singapore, Tokusatsu​ Cosplayers​, ​Power Rangers​, ​Super Sentai​ and ​Kamen Rider​.

Organisers of STGCC will also be screening selected anime titles via Japanese anime and pop culture channel, ​Aniplus ​as well as episodes of ​Dr Who’s​ Christmas specials from BBC.​

The ​Band of Doodlers ​will be attacking the vast expanse that is the ​Doodle Wall, a delightful collage depicting various events at the convention. The ​3M Post-It® Mural Wall ​is another montage which will accept post-it notes containing interpretations (doodles, sketches, poetry) of STGCC. The public is invited to contribute to both walls, where they can express what the convention means to them.  

Spiderwebs Meet Slime: Venom and Spider-Man to entrap fans

Spider-Man​ and his arch nemesis ​Venom ​will appear at STGCC, ahead of their on-screen appearances due later in the year, thanks to Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Attendees who wish to merge with alien supervillain Venom and gain cool supernatural abilities can do so at the booth dedicated to the anti-hero. The iconic black slime, a characteristic of symbiotes ​like Venom will be abundantly available for fans to play around with.

Sony Pictures Entertainment will also be launching a special Facebook camera filter where Venom’s alien life form takes over the faces of viewers and becomes one with them. The first 1000 visitors who post their Venom-ous selfies on Sony’s Facebook page will receive a limited edition Venom mask-perfectly handy for keeping nasty viruses at bay.

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Not to be outdone, Spidey’s dedicated team of superfans will bring the Singapore chapter of the international fandom to the convention. “​Spiderverse SG​” will celebrate the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Attendees can take photographs at the specially constructed 3D photo-corner and pose with cosplayers from the Spiderverse club.

Mortals are Advised to Extend a Warm Welcome to the Frosty Night King by HBO

STGCC is poised to be invaded by the White Walkers – and by a particularly terrible one. The Supreme Leader of the White Walkers, the Night King will make a chilling appearance at the convention. Luckily for attendees, there is no reason to fear this ancient icy creature as he is merely a cosplayer representing the hit HBO show Game of Thrones​           ​.

Fans are encouraged to dress in their best ​Game of Thrones ​regalia to pay their respects to the Night King. There will be photo opportunities at scheduled times, where people can take selfies with the costumed characters of the Night King and White Walkers at the specially constructed ​GoT​ booth.

The National Library Board revealed to be pop-culture nerds

It is a little-known fact that our public libraries carry enormous collections of comics, graphic novels and art-themed books. At this year’s STGCC, attendees will get to browse notable titles such ​Spider-Man​, ​Avengers ​and ​Black Panther​. Other fascinating books on display include publications on art history, types of art styles and art guides.

Bibliophiles will receive a chance to engage with librarians, who will be showcasing their expansive knowledge of all things pop culture at the book talks organised by NLB. Rewards await those who prove themselves in the pop quizzes.

Final Wave of Guests Announced

It’s a toy lover’s paradise at STGCC, as toy makers, producers, illustrators and artists will showcase their best creations- vinyl toys, original artwork, figurines and more, at the convention.

Tokyo-based ​1000toys Inc.​ originally started as an effort to bring original, high-quality creations by Japanese toy-makers and designers to the forefront, but has since expanded their line-up to include international artists.

The Toys to Art Showcase, ​a collective produced by 1000toys Inc. and Sentinel Co. Ltd. will feature the works of distinguished independent Japanese artists at STGCC. A wide selection of artwork and toys from names such as Hikari Bambi, Kaiju artist DAN, ZIQI, Sad Salesman, Horrible Adorables and many more are up for grabs.

Japanese graphic designer and illustrator Teresa Chiba​ ​runs art production label​ Production Genmu,​ where she displays her multidisciplinary creative works inspired by traditional Japanese attire, designs and art forms. “Kabuki Otome” — the spirited teenage girls of Kabuki are a recurring motif in her work. 

Kaori Hinata​’s ​Hinatique ​produces knick-knacks and ceramic figurines, which ooze equal parts cuteness and nostalgia. Her creation “Morris – The Cat with Antlers” visited STGCC last year and became an instant fan-favourite​. ​Apart from her original designs, Hinata has also collaborated with Star Wars, Ultraman and Powerpuff Girls.

Veteran Japanese illustrator, character and product designer ​Yasu ​has had her work exhibited at Thailand, London, Taiwan, New York, Beijing and Shanghai. Her characters, including the iconic “Ebineko”, “Same” and “Yamorin” have been immortalised on a variety of mediums-namely lush, resin, vinyl and paper.

Nakao Teppei​ ​is a commercially acclaimed illustrator whose quirky art style has earned him a spot on a variety of media such as magazines, book covers, print advertisements, TV commercials and websites. He has also collaborated with Japanese toy maker Sentinel to produce his first “sofubi” (soft vinyl) toy, ​Sushi L.A​., which was well-received worldwide.  

Peach Momoko is a Japanese illustrator whose vibrant and detailed art styles has won her plenty of praise and loyal fans. Her work aesthetic is inspired by vintage Japanese motifs dating back to the Sixties and is created on a watercolour medium.

British-Chinese manga artist Yishan Li​ is the creator of graphic novels based on the lives of popular characters and respected public figures such as Buffy ​(Buffy: The High School Years)​ and Lady Diana (Lady Di and Me). ​Her work has been published by established names such as Dark House, Random House, Top Cow, DC and Delcourt.

Canadian cosplayer​ ​Hikarin​ is well-known for her portrayal of youthful male characters. Armed with a dazzling trademark smile, she utilises clever make-up techniques to bring her characters to life. US-based Taiwanese cosplayer ​Zekia​ ​considers STGCC to be her first overseas convention and displays prodigious construction and needlework skills in her costumes. Both personalities are brought in by ​Yours Officially ​and ​Beast Kingdom​.

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