New scans of the next Rider, Kamen Rider ZI-O, have surfaced online recently, which further confirms the previous Ganbarizing advertisement. The scans show a lot of details regarding the 20th Rider of the post-Decade era, its second Rider, its system and collectibles.

Based from the scans, the second Rider will be called Kamen Rider Gates, roughly transliterated from the katakana ゲイツー.

Kamen Rider ZI-O’s motif, as confirmed prior, is based off a wristwatch/Rolex motif. ZI-O’s Rider System is called the Jikuu Driver (ジクウドライバー), a belt buckle that looks like a stopwatch, which houses left and right slots for the collectibles called Ridewatches. Each Ridewatch has a corresponding legend Rider, which ZI-O can transform into Armor Time. From the looks of it, the Armor Time/forms are exclusive to either ZI-O or Gates alone. Build and Ex-Aid are usable by ZI-O, while Drive and Ghost for Gates.

The scans have also revealed ZI-O’s weapon, a gun and blade combo called the Jikangilade (ジカンギレード), a portmanteau of “jikan, “gire,” and “blade.” The Ridewatches can also be inserted in the slot by the blade’s hilt.

Kamen Rider ZI-O has no airdate as of this posting, but rumors point to an early September release after Build’s purported 49 episode run.