Live-action Gundam film in the works!


One of the biggest surprises at Anime Expo 2018 this week was one coming from the Sunrise panel.

Along with a short teaser, Sunrise President & CEO Yasuo Miyakawa took to the stage announced that a feature-length, live-action Mobile Suit Gundam film is in the works, as a result of a partnership between Sunrise and Legendary Pictures. Legendary’s Executive Vice-President for Production Cale Boyter is overseeing the project on the Hollywood end. The live-action film is in part one of the projects planned by Sunrise in celebration of the Gundam franchise’s 40th-year anniversary.

Boyter, along with Bandai Namco Holdings President Mitsuaki Taguchi and Legendary Comics’ Senior Vice-President for Publishing Robert Napton, were present at the panel to discuss about the film project.

Miyakawa assured the audience that the script and mecha design will have to be fully discussed and agreed upon by both Sunrise and Legendary before official production pushes through. Taguchi, on behalf of Bandai Namco, gave his blessing and full support on the project.

Cole Boyter has, in his resume, produced movies, such as Blade: Trinity, Monster Trucks, the recently-screened Pacific Rim Uprising, and the upcoming Detective Pikachu. Meanwhile, apart from the latter, Legendary Pictures has Skyscraper and Godzilla: King of Monsters in its production slate.

The announcement made no mention of any cast or staff. Details to be revealed soon.