Legendary comic book icon, Steve Ditko, has passed away.

The New York Police Department has confirmed that the superhero creator was found dead in his apartment on Friday, June 29, 2018. However, initial investigation indicated that he already passed two days prior. No cause of death was officially announced. Ditko was 90 years old.

Source: Marvel.com

Steve Ditko and Stan Lee created Spider-Man in the 1960’s, and the titular Marvel character made its first appearance in Amazing Fantasy # 15, which shot into popularity and spun-off the hero’s own eponymous comicbook running until present day. Ditko also helped create Doctor Strange, and made its first appearance in Strange Tales # 110. It was after an unexplained dispute with Stan Lee that Steve Ditko left Marvel Comics.

Ditko then worked with Charleston comics, creating popular heroes such as Captain Atom and Blue Beetle (both of which are now under DC Comics after the company bought off Charleston). In DC, he was responsible for the creation of characters such as The Question, Creeper, Hawk and Dove, and Shade the Changing Man.

Source: Marvel.com

Upon his return to Marvel Comics in 1979 until the early 1990’s as a freelancer, he worked on Machine Man, and Micronauts. Later on, he co-created the popular New Warrior, Speedball, and one of Marvel Comics’ most formidable superhero to date, Squirrel Girl.

Ditko stayed out of the limelight, preferring to stay in his studio and continue his passion as a comic book creator. He is survived by his brother and his nephew.

Thank you, Steve Ditko, for everything that made the superhero world what it is today. Rest in peace.