The upcoming Kamen Rider series, ZI-O, has been inadvertently revealed in a Kamen Rider Buttobasoul advertisement seen in Japanese arcades. This gives us a first look at ZI-O outside of its official reveal by Toei in trailers and press junkets.

Based on the image above, ZI-O has a wristwatch/Rolex motif, with his helmet as the clock face and the watch hands as the antennae. The metal wrist strap of the watch lines the center of his torso as part of the armor. Also noticeable is the katakana ライダー (raida/rider) for his eyes/visor. The ー character extend towards the left side of his helmet and connecting to crown in his ear. Another crown is also visible at the right shoulder pad.

May 2018 revealed the public trademarking of the name Kamen Rider ZI-O in Japan. Initial speculations indicated that ZI-O has a clock motif, which matches the appearance in the advertisement. The July issue of Televi-Kun has revealed only a silhouette of the upcoming Rider, which somehow portents the use of a wrist-based device instead of the usual belt buckle as its Rider system.

Kamen Rider ZI-O will most likely air by September 2018, immediately after Kamen Rider Build’s remaining eight episodes this July and August.

More details will surface soon.