SCANDAL Band in Manila: Fan Meet Session Highlights


SCANDAL, the most powerful girl band of Japan, has finally stepped in Manila to join their fans in an exclusive event on June 23 at World Trade Center, Pasay.

As early as 9:00 AM, fans already lined up outside to secure good seats for the fan meet later in the afternoon. Number stubs were distributed by 12:00 NN so people can come back before the gates opened at 3:00 PM.

Official SCANDAL merchandise items were sold at the venue before and after the fan meet session. These included tour shirts, towels, can badges, key holders, ballers, and wristbands.

First time in Manila, Philippines



Haruna (Vo & Gt), Mami (Gt & Vo), Rina (Dr & Vo), and Tomomi (Ba & Vo) entered the halls and were welcomed with loud cheers. “Kumusta? Kami ang SCANDAL” Haruna greeted. Each of the band members introduced themselves in Filipino which made the fans more ecstatic than they already were.

“It’s our first time here in Manila and we’re really happy to be here. We received a lot of messages on Twitter from Filipino fans that’s why we are looking forward to perform live for you” expressed Haruna.

The band was asked by media partners and fans some questions for the first part of the session. Below was what transpired:

Are there any personal or professional goals you’ve set for yourselves when you started that you haven’t fulfilled until now?

Haruna: Since our major debut in 2008, we’ve set playing at Osaka Jo Hall as our goal. But in these 10 years, we still have things we haven’t done yet like playing here in Manila. We’re steadily looking for new challenges.

Among your songs, which would you recommend as a love song to your fans?

Rina: In our new album, Honey, I would recommend Koisuru Universe. It’s really a happy love song and I would want you to listen to it.

What Filipino food are you expecting to taste while you’re here?

Haruna: Just now, I ate Banana Cue. It’s very delicious!
Mami: Jollibee! Very delicious!
Rina: I look forward to eating every Filipino food.
Tomomi: My friend from the Philippines said I should try banana.

Which foreign artist are you listening to now?

Mami: I’m listening to the new album of Churches.

What was your inspiration when you wrote Koisuru Universe?

Rina: It was inspired by the happiness you feel when getting married. I want people to feel that happiness through this song. The mix of Koisuru Universe is girlish theme and rock, fit for performance and I hope you enjoy it.

You’ve been together for 10 years already. How do you keep your good relationship among each other?

Haruna: We respect each other.

Who are your Western and Japanese music influences?

Mami: Aiko and Foo Fighters
Rina: I listen to every Japanese artist. When it comes to western, I am inspired by various things like novels and movies.
Haruna: When I started with music, I looked up to Namie Amuro. For Western artist, it’s PINK because she has a cool voice and I like listening to her songs.
Tomomi: It’s Prince for me

If a genie can grant you one wish, what would it be?

Tomomi & Haruna: To keep SCANDAL going
Rina: To be able to come back to Manila
Mami: To be able to create more cool songs for you

“We love our latest album Honey so much and we look forward to singing with you tomorrow at the concert. We also want to see the same energy that you showed us here” Haruna said in closing the Q&A.

The second half of the session let the fans to get up close and personal with the band through the photo opportunity and autograph signing. Fans also gave the members a lot of gifts like fan arts, special Filipino delicacies and souvenirs among others.

Catch SCANDAL live at their concert on June 24 at SMX Convention Center Manila. VIP and General Admission tickets are still up for grabs!