Command & Conquer returns as a mobile game


One of the beloved classic RTS games from the 90’s is making a comeback… as a mobile game. Electronic Arts and Redwood Studios are reviving the nostalgic RTS franchise, Command & Conquer, with its latest entry in nearly a decade (after the browser game Tiberium Alliances), titled Command and Conquer: Rivals. 

During the EA Play 2018 Press Conference off at E3 2018, shoutcaster Nathanias and Redwood Studios General Manager Michael Martinez, along with RTS players iNcontroL and nickatnite, demonstrated how Rivals is played on the mobile platform. The game is basically a 1v1 RTS setting with the objective of taking out the opposing force by launching a nuclear missile or destroying the opponent’s base.

Units will take control of three different launch pads to charge up the nuclear missile launch. The team with the most units on the pads when the charging completes will get to fire the nuclear missile against the opposing force’s base. A base will be taken down with 2 hits of the missile. To craft the infantry and artillery, Tiberium makes its return as the game’s primary resource.

Command and Conquer: Rivals will be made available for iOS and Android. A pre-alpha test is already available for download via the Google Play Store, but a commercial launch is yet to be revealed.

You can watch the demo and the whole EA Conference here: