World of Demons Gameplay Trailer Streamed


DenA streamed the gameplay trailer World of Demons on June 2, 2018.  Interested players can start their pre-registration as it is already available. DeNA and Platinum Games will launch the game for iOS and Android devices this summer. 

World of Demons is a smartphone game that takes place in a fantasy-world setting of medieval Japan where Oni (demons) took over the human world. Monsters called Yokai suddenly attacked humans, and only the brave Samurai can stand against the Oni threat. The game features a variety of samurai characters, as well as the ability to summon three Yokai in battle. It also features a touch-based input system that allows players to use gestures as commands for attack, dodge, and more. The game has a single-player campaign, a competitive Yokai Showdown mode, and a co-op Samurai Stronghold mode.