Square Enix to Release Star Ocean: Anamnesis in the West


Square Enix North America streamed a video on June 1, 2018 that shows an English version of the Star Ocean: Anamnesis smartphone game. Square Enix first released the game in Japan last December 2016. The action battle game featured playable characters from various Star Ocean installments. The game will launch as a free-to-play game this July for iOS and Android devices. 

Square Enix and tri-Ace released the first Star Ocean game in 1996 for the Super Famicom. The game soon turned into a franchise with Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness as the series’ latest installment. The game launched in Japan on March 31, 2018 for the Playstation 4. It also became available on the Playstation 3 on April 28, 2018. The game headed for the U.S only for the Playstation 4 on June 28, 2018.