Team Sonic Racing officially revealed by Sega


The next game in Sega’s long-running (pun intended) Sonic Franchise returns to the racing genre. Titled Team Sonic Racing, the game will be released in all current-gen consoles and PC via steam this Winter 2018.

As the title implies, TSR will be a coop based racing game. Each race will hold a maximum of 12 players, divided into groups of three. The team will work together using different moves to assist teammates, knock out opposing teams, and unleash Team Ultimate Attacks once made available during the race.

Sega confirms online multiplayer and local coop modes up to four-way split screen. There will be 15 playable characters with a possibility of adding more racers to the roster. Car customization options will also be made available. Wisps from Sonic Colors also makes a comeback in TSR in the form of racing power-ups.

We can expect demos and additional details about the game this coming E3 2018.