New Multiplayer Horror Game will Debut on Steam this Year


Croatia-based game developer Fearem teased a video of their new game Daemonical. An asymmetrical horror multiplayer game that places five players on a large island, only to find out a demon is among them. The demon will possess one of the five players on the island to kill the other four. The four human players will need to figure out how to survive the demon’s onslaught to win the game. 

The game offers a unique take on the horror-survival genre by having the demon appear “just like another member of the group”. It has advantage in both speed and strength, but the human players have different ways to keep the demon at bay. They can use fire, and find weapons to stop the demon’s advances. The most effective way to stop the demon is to complete the “missing ritual components”.

Daemonical started development in 2014, and is slated to release its Early Access on Steam sometime this year. Interested players can check out Fearem’s official website for Alpha Access, screenshots, and details about the game.