Nicalis Announced Crystal Crisis Puzzle Game Starring Astro Boy


Nicalis announced a crossover puzzle-fighter game titled Crystal Crisis on May 11, 2018.  The game included characters from The Binding of Isaac, Cave Story, and Code of Princess. Astro Boy and Jack Black from Tezuka Productions are guest characters in the game. The confirmed characters in Crystal Crisis are:

  • Quote, Curly, and Ballos from Cave Story+
  • Isaac from The Bindings of Isaac
  • Atom and Jack Black from Tezuka Productions
  • Princess Solange from Code of Princess EX and Blade Strangers
  • President Thompson and a Zombie from The Tempura of the Dead
  • Aban, Tina, and Jim Hawkins from 1001 Spikes
  • Akuji from Akuji the Demon
  • Knight from Hydra Castle Labyrinth
  • Johnny Turbo
  • Helen from Blade Strangers
  • Hunter from an unnamed Nicalis game
  • Elise from an unnamed Nicalis game
  • Ninja from an unnamed Nicalis game

The game comes with several modes like Arcade, Survival, Tag-team, and Training. It also features local and online multiplayer modes. Its current price is at $39.99. Crystal Crisis will launch for the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018.