Masamune-kun no Revenge Manga will End in Three Chapters


Hazuki Takeoka and Tiv’s Masamune-kun no Revenge manga will end in three chapters. The manga will ‘close curtain’ in the August issue on June 27, 2018. The reveal came from the June issue of Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex magazine on April 26, 2018. It also revealed that the Original Anime Disc bundled with the manga’s 10th volume will include an after story. The OAD and the manga’s 10th volume is slated to ship on July 27, 2018. 

Hazuki Takeoka and Tiv first launched Masamune-kun no Revenge in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex magazine in 2012. Ichijinsha shipped the manga’s 9th compiled volume in Japan on February, 5 2018. Seven Seas Entertainment launched the manga’s 7th volume in English on January 23, 2018. A TV anime adaptation of the manga premiered in January 2017.