Record of Grancrest War Gameplay Video Released


Bandai Namco Entertainment streamed the first gameplay video of the Record of Grancrest War game for the Playstation 4. The single-player tactical role-playing game will launch in Japan on June 14, 2018. 

The game will follow the same story as the anime, with players to take the role of Theo. Other characters like Siluca, Meletes, Irvin, Aishela, and Priscilla will feature in the game as well. Players can purchase the game with a physical or digital copy under the estimated price of $76. Those who buy the game early will receive product codes for the Record of Lodoss War characters Parn and Deedlit.  Record of Grancrest War is a Japanese light novel series and tabletop role-playing game written by Ryo Mizuno, and illustrated by Miyū. The light novel series has nine published volumes since 2013. It also has an anime series adaptation produced by A-1 Pictures that aired on January 6, 2018.