Gal Gunvolt Burst now out for the PS4


Gal Gunvolt Burst, the latest game developed by Inti Creatives, is a crossover of the developer’s three shooter franchises: Azure Striker Gunvolt, GalGun: Double Peace, and Mighty No. 9. Paying homage to the 2D shooters, GGB’s overall visual aesthetic mirrors the 8-bit aesthetic of its classic predecessors.

The game combines the retro feel of 2D sidescrolling, platforming and shooting, with modern elements from numerous power-ups, collectibles, and a customization system. The game also adds another layer of challenge through its Burst feature, a combo system that requires the character to shoot enemies at point blank range in order to power up and unleash a devastating attack.

Players can choose from Beck, Gunvolt, and Ekko, each with its own unique playstyle. A separate DLC, the Rivals Character Pack, allows the player to select from three more characters. As the name implies, the DLC characters are that of the protagonists’ rivals, namely Ray, Copen, and Kurona. 

Gal Gunvolt Burst is out now for digital download on the Playstation 4 for US9.99. The Rivals DLC Character Pack is also out now for US$4.99.