WARNING: SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 377 of Hunter x Hunter! 

The latest chapter, 377, of Hunter x Hunter delivers one hell of a shocker to everyone. The chapter features the return of the series’ most notorious/infamous group of characters, the Phantom Troup (Gen’ei Ryodan / 幻影旅団). Headed by Chrollo, the remaining members of the troupe gathered once again, but this time in the search of their former (fake) member, Hisoka.

To aid in the search for Hisoka, Chrollo has invited into the troupe the one person closest to him, Illumi Zoldyck. Killua’s brother introduces himself to the group, casually revealing that he and Hisoka are actually married. Their pre-nuptial agreement states that Illumi still gets rewarded if Hisoka dies in any other way. The pair are currently in a game of tag, which barely gives Illumi any clue as to the whereabouts of the clown.

After many years of being friends, this is certainly a step up in their relationship. Although congratulations are in order for this new couple, we still can’t hide the fact that these two are out to kill each other.

It can be recalled that Hisoka and Chrollo have engaged in a one-on-one battle to the death, with the former losing and actually dying. Hisoka activated his bungee gum skill embedded in his heart and lungs to restart his system and resurrect from the dead after the battle ended. Hisoka is now out to kill the rest of the Troupe members, and have already dispatched Shalnark and Koltopi. Both the Troupe and Hisoka are located inside the Black Whale.

Hunter x Hunter is created by Yoshihiro Togashi and is currently being serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump.