We’re just a few days away from the official release of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, and Square Enix suffers a blow from this sudden negative publicity.

Days before, the Steam Page for FFXV was silently updated to include the anti-tampering/DRM technology, Denuvo, in the full version of the game. This comes as a surprise to everyone, considering the company’s inconsistent use of it, like its removal from Life is Strange: Before the Storm, its absence from more recent releases such as Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana, and its blatant inclusion in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

However, a more recent news came to light. Chinese hacking group, 3DM claims they have cracked FFXV Windows Edition. Early reports have confirmed that the first three chapters of the game are completely playable, while some have already progressed to the eighth and ninth chapters without a hitch. However, pre-order DLCs are reported to be unavailable in the cracked version.


3DM used FFXV Demo .exe as a “crack” for the Origin unencrypted preload files and made the game playable. from r/CrackWatch

The hacking group attributed the success of the crack from Origin’s version of the demo. While Steam’s FFXV demo had the game’s .exe files encrypted, the same version from Origin was unencrypted, prompting an easy entry for 3DM to crack the game days before its official release.

With the addition of Denuvo in the full version of the game, there will surely be a lively discussion about the performance issues between the cracked and Denuvo versions of the game. FFXV Windows Edition might be the measuring stick to determine how Denuvo does affect overall gameplay and CPU performance.

While cracking the game is an impressive feat, we will not be sharing any links directed at the pirated version of the game.