After Blizzard teased us with a back story of Torbjorn losing his arm, Reinhardt getting to name the former’s daughter plus a bunch of blueprints for weapons – Overwatch’s 27th character, Brigitte Lindholm just dropped at the Overwatch’s Public Test Realm (PTR) last night and we had lots of fun testing her kit!

While everyone speculated that Brigitte will be either a defense or a tank hero, she – much to everyone’s surprise, is a support character. This is the first time Blizzard released two consecutive characters in the same role – Moira being the other character (released in last year’s BlizzCon).


Her kit revolves around a mix of her father’s (Torbjorn) and her godfather’s (Reinhardt) kits. As of this article she’s the only support character that has a melee primary weapon called Rocket Flail intended for dealing damage (sorry Mercy, your staff doesn’t count 😛 ). Her primary weapon is similar to Reinhardt’s hammer – though the range and speed of the swing is faster – it deals around 35 damage per swing. It feels like holding a flyswatter. =))

What’s great about her primary weapon is that it triggers her passive ability called Inspire – for each enemy hit by her weapon, allies who are around 20 meters of her are healed for around 16 HP per second. Think Lucio – but this time you have to hit enemies to heal yourself and your allies.

Another kit similar to Reinhardt’s is her Barrier Shield – she can hold more of a personal barrier that can block up to 600 points of damage before it breaks. What makes it different from Reinhardt’s is that it can also be used for a skill called Shield Bash that does a small amount of damage of 50 HP and stuns your target.

A kit that she got from her father, Torbjorn, is her Repair Pack skill which either heals for around an estimate of 125 HP or gives around 75 armor if the target is on full health. With a cooldown of 5 seconds, it can be spammed around your teammates to give them a health boost from a huge range of around 30 meters with line of sight.

A not-so-unique ability of hers – Whip Shot might first look similar to Roadhog’s signature hook but it acts differently. It deals around 70 damage with an estimate of 20 meters of range and is mainly used for pushing enemies away. We now have a third Booper. =))

Her ultimate ability, Rally, gives Brigitte a speed boost and an aura that provides her allies within 10 meters with up to 150 armor.


We tested her out in the PTR (video above) for a few AI matches and we felt that she’s more of a secondary healer and tank. Like many healers, it’s always safer for you to stay on the backlines and keep your allies on full health. Her barrier should not be used akin to Reinhardt’s as the blocking range is more of a personal rather than a team barrier – it could also only hold until 600 damage.

Simply flyswatting, I mean, hitting enemies with her flail would already heal them over time, but it’s equally important to know when to just block the damage. Since healing a total of 80 HP over 5 seconds in a very intense battle would seem little judging by the numbers, you also have to factor in exactly when to use her ult, Rally – to save your teammates from powerful ultimates such as Reaper’s Death Blossom or Pharah’s Barrage.


Since Brigitte is still in the PTR – it’s highly likely that she will undergo some buffs and nerfs to her kit. For instance, healing for 80 HP over 5 seconds might sound too high or too low, depending on the situation. The HP healed could either be buffed or nerfed depending on community feedback. From our tests, we’re leaning for it to stay the same for now since Brigitte is tagged as a one-star character, meaning she’s meant for newbies who will just love to bash around their weapons and wouldn’t even know that they’re healing the team already.

The range, cooldown, and healing of her Repair Pack might also be nerfed – being able to heal someone instantly for 120 HP is almost like giving two small med kits to someone from a range akin to Mercy’s Guardian Angel – not only can Brigitte heal allies who are near her, she also has this one as an emergency heal to assist allies from afar.


We think that it would be interesting to see how pros and the community would use Brigitte in their own style. Gaining a one-star rating, she’s the second support character after Mercy who we think will be friendly to newbies  – well, maybe third after Lucio. Newbies and seasoned veterans alike might get too caught up with a lot of buttons to press and end up forgetting some of her skills but if they manage to grasp the usage of her skills with the right timing, she’s a very powerful ally to have in the battlefield.



Report by Oraez