PlayBook Video Game Lounge in Circuit Makati held its second quadruple-header fighting tournament on Sunday, February 25, 2018. #OTKGaming Streamer, CrowKuchiki, attended the event to compete and spectate!

X-Over was a blast as it showed a unity of players from all fighting game genre showed support to one of the best anime-to-game adaptations to date, Dragon Ball FighterZ. Not only did FighterZ have a good showing in the event, the event also crowned its first Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Blazblue Central Fiction, and King of Fighters XIV champions for this year.

Blazblue Central Fiction – CGP.Alden defeats Insan twice

It’s actually no surprise for the Blazblue community that this tournament is already in the books as CGP.Alden defeats Insan (formerly IPT.Blickwinkle) during Winners Finals , but Insan didn’t go down without a fight as he still showed his efficiency by putting CGP.Alden with 2-3 in Winners Finals, and resetting the bracket during Grand Finals by a sweep. Unfortunately, Insan goes down for the count in the reset bracket with 2-3 when CGP.Alden switched characters from μ-No.12 to Nine.

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King of Fighters XIV – North Mall dominates

King of Fighters in Metro Manila has always been dominated by the players of North Mall. X-Over became the ultimate power struggle between teammates as Peter, Tonton, Lobo Morte, and KoF Master fought against one another for the top spot. The final four concluded with Lobo Morte defeated by KoF Master in a 2-0 score. Peter gets dropped to the loser’s bracket by Tonton in a 2-3 result, but rose back up to beat KoF Master in loser’s finals for a 3-2 score. Tonton and Peter met two more times, in the reset bracket and the Grand Finals, with the latter taking the win of 3-1 at reset. Tonton exacted his final revenge in the Grand Finals in a 3-1 score against Peter to secure the winning spot.

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – PBE|Noob takes the game from Losers Bracket

In the early stages of the game, PBE|Noob dropped to the loser’s bracket as Yat dominated early on. He eventually plowed his way through the loser’s bracket, eliminating fellow teammate PBE|Niteraid in loser’s semis, and  Yat in a devastating rematch during the loser’s finals. The Grand Finals saw PBE|Noob dominating against all odds as he reset the bracket against fellow teammate PBE|Shinji with a sweep in the first set, and a 3-1 in the reset bracket.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – The game that united the local FGC

Let’s get this out of the way first, this game united the local Fighting Game Community. Players from different games, such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Smash Bros., and even Marvel vs. Capcom, fiercely competed to become the best DBFZ player. The Top 8 of the DBFZ tournament didn’t disappoint. We saw one of the tournament’s most prominent players, CGP.Alden, get swatted out by his teammate, CGP.Champo, during losers top 8. Icyie defeated MatGaw also in the same round of the tournament. With Insan still fresh from his win at Game Over PH’s last DBFZ tournament, he confidently tried to dominate this tournament as well, but not without PBE|Noob giving him a hard time in the grand finals, resetting the bracket 3-1. However, in the end, Insan gets the final say as PBE|Noob bows out in a score of 3-1.

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X-Over was a clash of many of the greatest fighting gamers Manila has to offer. In a surprising twist, Dragon Ball FighterZ became the game to unify all the players under one banner, and allowing us to watch a new blend of matches between fighters coming from all tournaments.

We can’t wait to see more of these in the next tournament!