UPDATE 4/7/2018: Square Enix confirmed more details about the four upcoming DLC episodes for Final Fantasy XV. They made the announcement at a panel in the recent Pax East 2018 event. The episodes are said to launch in 2019. Square Enix detailed the four episodes as follows:

  • The first full DLC episode confirms the previously teased Ardyn episode. Its tentative title is Conflict of the Sage. It will portray the struggles of Ardyn, his resentment towards Lucis for 2000 years, and his clash with the Astrals. 
  • side story episode will focus on Aranea Highwind and the Starscourge disease. Square Enix commented on the episode as The final day of the Empire turns out to be Aranea’s worst day”. 
  • The second full DLC episode will focus on Lunafreya with the tentative title of The Choice of Freedom. The story will focus on “her fate that even death can’t free her from”, and her battle to “save the one she loves”. 
  • The final DLC episode will center on Noctis with the title The Final Strike. The story will focus on him “parting way with the Astrals” as he journeys through the final battle to give his people the ideal future. 

Square Enix also mentioned it will feature a new theme by composer Yoko Shimomura. The company will also reveal more details later this year.

 Source: IGN US

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Square Enix game director Hajime Tabata stated in an interview with Famitsu and 4Gamer that Final Fantasy XV will get four more DLC episodes this 2018 and beyond. The first episode will focus on Ardyn, and another might focus on Luna.

Final Fantasy XV sold about 7 million copies both on physical and digital copies, and hopes the game’s Window Edition will sell around 2 million according to Tabata. Square Enix aims to grab a sale of 10 million in both physical and digital copies.

Final Fantasy XV first launched worldwide for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in November 2016. The game also has a Pocket Edition for iOS and Android that launched this February 9, 2018. There will be a Royal Edition to be released this March 6, 2018 which will include the Season Pass DLC, and other features. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will also be released on March 6.