Indigo Entertainment’s Garrison: Archangel starts Steam Early Access on March 28, 2018


Indigo Entertainment announced on Twitter, Garrison: Archangel’s early access on Steam. Its start date is slated for March 28, 2018 priced at $14.99. The early access will feature new modes, and customizable mecha parts that aren’t present in the demo. Garrison Archangel’s early access is said to run for 8 months.

Garrison: Archangel is a 4-player 3D customizable-mech fighting game developed by Indigo Entertainment. The game features both offline and online battles for single player and multiplayer modes. Offline multiplayer mode features the classic split-screen setup present in classic games from earlier consoles.  Garrison: Archangel first launched in Steam Greenlight last 2017 alongside a playable demo that can be downloaded here: