Google is purportedly planning to develop its own console, and it might be out by the next year.

The project is codenamed Yeti, and Google’s reportedly planning it to be a game-streaming console, similar to the Playstation Now service and the upcoming Geforce Now we previously reported during CES 2018.

Reports gathered by The Information have indicated that the Yeti will be subscription-based under the Made by Google banner, similar to Google Home smart speaker, the Chromecast and the Pixel phone. However, rumors have also indicated that Project Yeti might be playing its own games similar to Nvidia Shield’s Android TV function.

The project is also delayed in order for former Playstation exec Phil Harrison enough time to familiarize himself with the Yeti’s infrastructure. Other analysts are speculating that the console might be a Chromecast successor, with the capability to stream both games and video-on-demand content.

The next question we would be asking is which game development studios would be willing to support Google’s endeavor, considering the market saturation taken over by the Playstation, Xbox, and the recently-successful Nintendo Switch.