Deadpool 2 Trailer seemingly confirms X-Force


The latest Deadpool 2 trailer just dropped, and there are quite a number of things to notice and prepare for once the movie premieres this May 2018.

Probably the most important detail in the trailer is what seems to be X-Force gathered in the plane scene. Not only that, it’s a surprise to see Terry Crews in the movie! We can speculate that Crews will be portraying one of Cable’s Six Pack members, perhaps GW Bridge or Hammer.

If you look at the same shot above, we can glean some of the X-Force members as well. Domino is of course at the left. But just behind Terry Crews is a familiar figure clad in white and wearing a weird helmet. And who wears that kind of costume in the comics? Shatterstar! His sword was also shown in the trailer, which doubly confirms his appearance. The other guy behind Domino is someone we’re trying to guess wildly. Our bet is on Garrison Kane or probably Cannonball, but we could be wrong.

The first few parts of the trailer shows off the rest of the original cast, and also puts Cable in the spotlight. Of course, Deadpool, being himself, breaks the fourth wall again by throwing shade at another movie.