In a presentation held by Sunrise today, the studio has announced that a new Gundam Build Fighters (GBF) TV series is in the works!


Entitled Gundam Build Divers, the series takes place in the world of GBF, still with the notion of gunpla battles. The big difference in Divers is its battle system, now changed to network battles. The characters and other gunpla fighters play an MMO called Gunpla Battle Nexus Online while also using physical gunplas as seen in previous GBF series.

The Youtube channel uploaded a 15-minute prologue of the series. Based on the video, players “dive” into a virtual MMO world. Gunpla battles are still held in stadiums, basically copying the same setup as that of Gundam Build Fighters, where the units are in another virtual stage.

The main character controls a customized variant of Gundam 00 called Gundam 00 Diver (a play on Odaiba, the famed location with the 1:1 Gundam Unicorn statue). Other gunpla include Gundam AGE-2 Magnum, Red Beret Grimoire, and Momo Kapool.

The series is set for a Spring 2018 release, and is directed by Shinya Watada of Gundam Build Fighters Try.