It was previously reported that a new season of GeGeGe No Kitaro will take over the Dragon Ball Super timeslot on April 1, 2018. The sudden news has led to an outcry of Dargon Ball fans wanting to know if the series will really end or just enter a hiatus this March.

The official Twitter account of Dragon Ball Super issued a short statement regarding the status of the said series.


Thank you for your support! Dragon Ball Super’s Universe Survival Arc will finally reach its climax by the end of March, so please continue to support us until the end! There’s also a new movie this December! Dragon Ball will continue on, so look forward to it!

The statement just barely confirms the end of the epic series, apart from reaffirming the new movie come the Holidays. Whether we will get a new Dragon Ball Super season after GeGeGe no Kitaro is still up in the air.

The current Universe Survival Arc is nearing its end, with Gohan and Dyspo recently eliminated by Frieza, and Toppo showing off his newfound God of Destruction form. The remaining Universe 7 team is against impossible odds with the combined might of Jiren and Toppo clearly leading in terms of raw power.